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I would like to briefly introduce the kit that I developed for the command post, which is known from the film "The Olsen gang on the route" in Danish "Det Gule Palæ". This small website is not created commercially and therefore of course not created professionally.

The design was created in 2015 as a prototype for the N-Gauge and was now adapted to TT from late 2018 to mid-2019 and the first three prototypes were assembled from 2019 to 2020. The original plans were obtained with the help of friends of the
Olsenbandenfanclub.de and then a prototypical model of the original was created at the time of the shooting with wall thicknesses of the substructure and cladding structure largely converted to the original. All arrangements and shapes of doors and windows, the shape and number of boarding, as well as the division of colors in the cladding have been incorporated into the construction, which were evaluated with the help of countless detailed photos.

In the meantime, a service provider for lasers has also been won over, who will then produce the required number of kits. Due to his offer based on the machine hours and the material, the price, depending on the number ordered and the shipping costs required, will be between 130 and 150 Euro for the first order round, which already includes shipping to the customer, which I then organize myself.

I collected the orders for a first round by the end of April and after production the kits were delivered in June. I hope I will see pictures of the finished models.

The second order round ran from July to the end of August, and an updated offer was necessary because we changed some materials during the production of the first round, which was then done right for the second round. The price was now 150 euros, plus the shipping costs to the customer. This time there were a few orders from Denmark. ;-)

Now I would like to collect further orders before the third production round by the end of February 2021, otherwise additional costs for machine set-up will be incurred by repeat customers for each individual order.

I would like to receive inquiries / orders via the email address in the legal notice (Impressum). Then I will write to the customer directly.

I would like to show some pictures of the finished prototype model.

The cladding of the building is shown here as an example in the yellow version of the last state before the move and after the restoration of the signal tower in the Gedser Railway Museum.


Alternatively, the kits are produced in a yellow
, beige  and white (slightly yellowish)  version, as is known from the films, at the customer's request.

The white version was the actual color at the time of shooting. This color only comes out again when the film is digitally remastered.


Many know the colors of the buildings from various photos and the beige version, which is also becoming increasingly reddish-darker due to the many copies of the cinema films.


The first exhibition of the two prototypes in (slightly yellowish) white and yellow took place in October 2019 at the Modell-Hobby-Spiel Leipzig.

At the N-Bahner meeting in November 2019, the N prototype in beige was displayed next to the TT prototype in yellow.

A photo shoot in 2015 already shows the module for the signal box with the buildings and various vehicles for Lane N.

A report on the construction of the 3rd prototype in beige can be found here:


And now there is also a ready-to-use DSB 57 locomotive for the TT railway. The TT model is designed for a drive from the N range, the axes of which can be changed from 9 mm to 12 mm track width in order to adapt all the important details to the prototype in the film. The N model has been running on my modules for some time, see also the first link to the photo shoot above.

There is now more information on an additional page.

Friendly greetings,
Danilo Pietzsch